Thanks for your interest in my work! 

I started painting a few years ago to battle the stress of my corporate branding job (ok, I was an intern, you caught me), but it was still really stressful. I have a bachelor of International Relations, and a post graduate degree in Graphic Design and Branding from the prestigious Portfolio Center in Hotlanta. I lasted about one year in the New York branding world before I threw in the towel and started trying to make a living by painting, and now you are reading this, so I guess I made it big time!

I paint in acrylic and oil, large and small, abstract and sometimes portraits too. I also create collages, consult on design and art projects and print textiles and license work to companies all around the world. 

I live in Atlanta with my husband, daughter and two sweet doggies. We are decorating and remodeling our 100 year old bungalow in a leafy in-town neighborhood, and documenting it on my blog, go on, be a voyeur. I work out of a studio in Decatur, Georgia. Please contact me if you would like to stop by and have a gander at the goods, I love meeting my adoring fans!

I am always available to answer questions, help out with decorating or painting questions, or whatever! Recently someone I don't know contacted me for relationship advice, so maybe I shouldn't encourage you guys.

I sometimes get emails from enquiring minds who want to know about how I am actually able to make money by being an artist. To you, dear searcher I suggest you read this.

I have been interviewed many times and answered questions about my process, inspiration, practical observations and personal stuff too. I have compiled a list to make it easy for you to stalk me. Your welcome. 

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You can find my work in several galleries as well as in my very own shop. In Atlanta I am represented by Gregg Irby Fine Art. Gregg also represents many great emerging artists from all over the US, I always end up taking something home when I visit the gallery!

Stellars Gallery in Ponte Vedra, Florida also has many of my pieces. I love that place, and the lovely ladies there will be more than happy to help you find the perfect piece.

You can also find several pieces of mine at Sea Contemporary Art in Rosemary Beach Florida. They have an impressive collection of abstract work there, if thats your thing, give them a ring. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.